Top 5 Players Whose Odds Are Pretty Good in this World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup which will be held in one of the formidable sporting nations in the world will involve loads of talented players. The Samba-inspired football teams will clash with the techniques of the European and rest of World to produce the magic of football and showcase their talent. Here are top five players you should watch out for in this edition, who would increase the World Cup Odds.

Lionel Messi

This man needs no introduction – he has been playing professional football for few years and has already won found Ballon d’Ors. But, the magic of pace that he brings to Barcelona, is yet to be seen with his Argentinian side. But, this time the odds would be in his favor as Alejandro Sabella has already found a centre forward in Higuain, which would allow him to play Messi as a free forward just as Barcelona allows him to do. He might be in his prime form this year.

Eden Hazard

One of the most promising new talents after Neymar is Eden Hazard. He, along with his Belgique counterparts Christian Benteke and Romelu Lukaku, forms a sharp attack for the Belgian side. Although Belgium has lot of talented players in their side, they would definitely use Eden Hazard as a Master of all trades. He will be deployed as a winger and has to do a lot of running which will bring pace and some good long shots deep into the enemy goal-line.


The Barcelona Wonder kid is being regarded as one of the jewels for the Brazilian side, which still lacks the aura of its golden days a decade back. Led by the good old Luiz Felipe Scolari, he is expected to be the apple of his eye and given a free role in the midfield with other players supporting him in different roles.

This is the way he could be utilised the best: i.e. to play aggressively and score some goals. He has a lot riding on this World Cup as it’s the cornerstone for him and his team to be proved the best in Europe after ruling over Confederations Cup in 2013.

Mario Gotze

One of the raw gems that Germany has extracted after Thomas Muller is Mario Gotze. He is new and hungry for attack, but the coolness and understanding of his sense of football can be seen from his footmark. Although he shocked the world with his transfer to Bayern Munich just before the final where has representing Dortmund, he is yet to prove his caliber in the ranks of his new team at club level. Joachim Low will most probably bring him on as substitute to use his pace and skill at the death moments alongside Mesut Ozil.

Andres Iniesta

One of the most experienced players in footballing arena, and he would bring his experience and skills as a bonus for the Spanish side. He has already impressed his peers in the Confederations Cup held in 2013. The coach for his team, Vincente Del Bosque will have a tough choice between him and Xavi bringing them on and off using both of them and getting fresh starts out of them. This man was responsible for raining attacks on the Orange side and scoring the final goal against them in 2010 which sealed the victory for the Spaniards.